Snake Rack 18

Size – 91/64/177 cm  – The height of each row is 18 cm.

Size on boxes – /630х430х150 мм/ – 9 levels whit 2 boxes each.

Color – We chose Cosmic Grey Matte as a base color, as it gives the product its complete look. For different colors +10% from the price of the Rack.

Installation – No punching, simple installation.

  • We also put wheels on the first level so you can easily move it around. 4 wheels 120 mm each, 4 of them are turning, and 2 with brakes! 
  • It contains 18 boxes.
  • 34-watt heating pads on every level!
  • We used metal instead of aluminum because the difference in the kg for the whole rack it’s not so big. The metal it’s first covered whit zinc and then painted with powder coating for even better results!
  • You can order additional levels, each at the price of – € 180 euro.

Transport –  In case there is no distributor in your country, we will produce and prepare your Rack for shipping within 7 working days. The delivery time depends on the client’s location.

Price€  1720 euro include VAT

Important – This Rack System is not compatible with other similar products on the market. You cannot replace them with levels or boxes from other manufacturers or vice versa!


  • Price for 0 floors with 4 wheels 120 mm each, 4 of them are turning and 2 with brakes! – € 90 euro