Hello friends!

We welcome everyone who is interested in our products!

Our desire is to make the hobby and professional breeding accessible to all.
All our products are competitive with everyone else on the world market!

We have no competition in terms of quality – price.

Our rack systems and accessories are preferred by more and more people. Our clients are both beginners in the hobby and established breeders in Europe.

Our company is looking for business partners!

You can become our wholesale client or distributor for individual countries!

Wholesale : 

  • All our wholesale customers use a 40% discount on prices whit VAT.
  • The minimum order is 5000 euros.
  • For orders over 10,000 euros, the discount is 45%,
  • Over 15,000 euros the discount is 50%.


  • It is a mandatory condition for traders to have companies with an active VAT number!
  • Anyone who has a registered company with an active VAT number and buys a package of 20,000 euros can become a distributor for a separate country, a contract for 1 year is concluded!
  • The discount used by each distributor for the individual country is 60%.
  • Each trader or distributor can choose what to have in the package he buys.
  • The discount is obtained as a natal discount!
  • If you are interested, you can write to our email: petservice@mail.bg
  • You can also contact us by phone: +359 897 778 776
  • The information you need to send us:
  1. Name 
  2. Personal phone number
  3. Company / Data and VAT number /
  4. Company address
  5. Country

You can ask all your questions as you fill our contact form and we will answer you immediately!